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Who is Hit Dr. Joe

Who is Hit Dr. Joe?

Joe Clemente was born to play ball! Joe has many years of experience in an array of different settings within the baseball arena. Joe played ball at Mississippi State University and then continued on to play at the University of Maryland, College Park where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. After graduating college, Joe set out to play professional ball for the Detroit Tigers and went on to manage the winning team in the Italian World Series. With this win, Joe was named the A2 Italian Coach of the year. Joe was married to Franny Avery in 2007 and together they decided to relocate the facility to Chestnut Ridge New York and area centrally located for New York and New Jersey Players. Joe and Franny are busy running Clemente’s Baseball and Softball Academy and managing the Stadium “Hitmen” Baseball Teams. In March of 2010 they welcomed there first son Joey Clemente! In July 2012 they were proud to announce the birth of their son Anthony “Tony” Clemente! December 2013 marked the arrival of thier daughter, “Donna” Clemente!

How does Hit Dr. Joe do it?

Hit Dr. Joe is the only New Jersey state certified instructor to teach Rotational, linear or Hybrid Hitting mechanics. these teaching methods we can teach our players linear, rotational or hybrid mechanics (Hybrid being a mixture of both linear and rotational movements). We stress core movement and strengthening. We teach all the components needed to put a complete program together for our athlete.

Please feel free to contact Hit Dr. Joe for further information and details on helping your athlete become the best they can be!

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